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Financial Tracking Service

Finantial Tracking System (FTS) aims to present a complete picture of all international humanitarian funding flows.

FTS provides a real-time overview of humanitarian funding, so that the entire community can make better strategic decisions about how funds are allocated and how to adjust and prioritize our humanitarian response. It is unique in that it provides a continuously updated resource of globally comparable data, which doesn’t just tell how much is being contributed but also how it's being used, especially against the requirements of Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs). In helping to highlight gaps and priorities, it contributes to effective, efficient and principled humanitarian assistance.

The FTS dataset is fed by reports on funding flows and pledges provided by donors and recipient organizations. Being based on a voluntary reporting mechanism, the quality of the information provided by FTS can only ever be as good as the data it contains. All humanitarian actors should report their funding to FTS on a regular basis, and the FTS team is fully open to help and support stakeholders to ensure a smooth reporting process.

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