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Minimum Expenditure Basket report - Gaza

This report details the development of a minimum expenditure basket (MEB) in Gaza, the rationale behind the MEB, and how it will be used by organisations providing cash and voucher assistance (CVA). A MEB defines the goods and services a household requires in order to meet its essential needs over a given period – typically one month – and the value of those goods and services. Due to growing use of CVA in the Gaza Strip, the Cash Working Group (CWG) established a Task Force to develop a MEB that would inform harmonised transfer values for multi-purpose cash assistance (MPCA) and other types of sectoral CVA. After initial data collection within the humanitarian ecosystem, the task force conducted a series of household expenditure surveys, then analysed this data and prepared a final MEB data table.

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Gaza Cash Programming Working Group (State of Palestine)
Original Publication Date: 
24 Jun 2020
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