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Evaluation of E-Voucher Systems in Gaza - Comparative Study commissioned by Oxfam (May 2019)

This comparative study was commissioned by Oxfam with the support of the Cash Programming Working Group (CPWG) in order to provide an understanding of the differences between the two electronic voucher systems currently operating in the Gaza Strip: PalPay (PP) and RedRose (RR). PP is a local solution and RR is international. The study assessed the effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, scalability in emergency and responsiveness to affected population needs of the two e-voucher systems to help inform project design and emergency response by agencies working in the area of e-cash programming. The study reviewed system functionalities and user experience through a desk review, 15 key informant interviews with organisational staff from international and local NGOs, the service providers and the CPWG, a survey with a statistically representative sample of 379 beneficiaries, a structured survey with 50 vendors, 4 focus group discussions with beneficiaries and 2 simulation exercises with organisational staff.

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01 Nov 2019
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Policy and Guidance