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The Cash Working Group (CWG), formerly known as Cash Programming Working Group (CPWG) is a thematic, multi-sectorial working group in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. It was established in 2012 and restructured in 2015 to coordinate, promote and facilitate sustainable CVA activities. Until March 2019, the group was functioning under the Food Security Sector (FSS). In 2019, in line with increasing demands to streamline CVA in a coordinated manner across different sectors, it was agreed to transfer the group under the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG) to better reflect the crosscutting nature of CVA coordination.

The main mandate of the working group is to offer a technical platform to promote a collaborative approach to cash and voucher assistance for vulnerable populations across relevant sectors, in addition to facilitating strong coordination, information sharing and mutual learning among members.

This platform aims at functioning as an information sharing portal where documents, activities and results produced by the CWG, or its related sub-groups, will be regularly shared along with relevant guidance, tools and bibliography developed at global and regional levels.

The CWG is currently co-chaired by Action Against Hunger - Spain (ACF) and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). 


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