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OCHA produces a series of reference map covering the North East Nigeria. All the maps produced are available on site. These maps are update twice a year.

Some of the most popular reference maps are:

Common Operation Dataset and Fundamental Operational Dataset Page

Nigeria North East Geographical Shapefile

The geographical shape files are the base data in terms of administrative boundaries (and names) used by the humanitarian community in North East Nigeria. Having a common and agreed set of data is essential in terms of reporting and mapping all activities in the region.

OCHA Nigeria IM has been supporting this process to provide a common data set to be used by all humanitarian partners.


  • In 2016 OCHA contacted the office of the Surveyor General of the Federation (OSGOF) which is responsible for maintaining the administrative boundaries for the Government of Nigeria from Admin 0 (National), Admin 1 (States) and Admin 2 (Local Government Areas) with the aim of acquiring government endorsed shapefiles to be used by all humanitarian partners. The government agreed to share the shapefiles for humanitarian purposes.
  • At about the same time humanitarian partners requested for ward level admin boundaries (admin level 3) for the States covered by the response, OCHA consulted the Government to find out the availability of boundaries for wards. OCHA was informed wards were only operational in nature as such there is no government endorsed boundaries. The wards created by Ehealth Africa, an INGO in the health sector conducting immunization campaign were adopted as the best alternative and recommended to partners that needed to map their response at ward level.
  • Nesting challenges were faced between the admin level 3 from Ehealth and other shapefiles, which necessitated the need to update the shapefiles to align with other boundaries.

With the support of information technology outreach services (ITOS) University of Georgia, the shapefiles for Nigeria boundaries have been updated, and available to at

Next upgrade to this data set is expected to happen in April/May 2017 with the integration of ward levels data for Adamawa.

The list of available datasets to guide colleagues on other sources of CODs can be found on this link:

Fundamental Operational Dataset

Fundamental operational datasets are datasets required to support multiple cluster/sector operations and complement the common operational datasets. These datasets are characterized by thematic areas (such as health and facilities) and are made available to all.

OCHA Nigeria IM unit has been working with different partners to collect and collate all relevant data and make it available to the humanitarian partners.

The latest effort was around health facilities in the Borno state. With the corporation of the Health sector as well as partners working the in the health field, a comprehensive list of health facilities was produced and publicly made available (continuous work is being done on the list to ensure that all locations are correct and duplicates are removed).

The health facility list in Borno can be found at:

Online Visualizations

OCHA Nigeria IM unit in cooperation with the health sector is also developing an interactive online tool to allow partners to quickly get the base information on the health facilities. The beta version of the application can be found at:

Online Visualization