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Humanitarian needs overviews (HNO) is produced to support the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) in developing a shared understanding of the impact and evolution of a crisis and to inform response planning. This document presents a comprehensive analysis of the overall situation and associated needs. Its development is a shared responsibility among all humanitarian actors, requiring strong collaboration between program and information management staff as well as support from the OCHA country office and the inter-cluster coordination mechanism.

After more than ten years of conflict, the humanitarian crisis in the BAY states remains one of the most severe in the world today. A total of 7.9 million people – more than one in two people in the three crisis-affected states are in need of humanitarian assistance in 2020. The majority of the people in need are in Borno State, the epicenter of the crisis. One in four of the affected population is under 5 years of age. Women and children are the face of the crisis. Women and children constitute 81% of the overall crisis population and 87% of the new displacements. The gendered dimensions of displacement is having a significant impact on the status of women and girls especially within the context of mobility, fragmentation of households, demoralization and trauma.