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The ER&L is a platform for all humanitarian and development actors (UN agencies, government institutions, International and National Government Organizations) aimed to support the early recovery and livelihood interventions in Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states. During and immediately after a crisis, urgent action is required to save lives. At the same time, from the start of humanitarian response, time critical interventions which lay the foundations for sustainable recovery and a speedy return to longer term development are also imperative.

The Early Recovery & Livelihood (ER&L) sector welcome partners that are willing to actively engage in strengthening and building systems through enhanced coordination, focuses on strengthening resilience, re-building or strengthening capacity, and contributing to solving rather than exacerbating long standing problems which have contributed to a crisis; and also a set of specific programmatic actions to help people to move from dependence on humanitarian relief towards development in North East Nigeria.