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West and Central Africa - Humanitarian bulletin (November 2013)

 There are currently 283,000 IDPs in Mali, down 15 per cent since July.
 An Emergency Food Security Assessment conducted in CAR indicates that some 1.1 million people are food insecure and that half of all IDPs in CAR are food insecure.
 74 per cent of households in Guinea Bissau reported that the failed cashew campaign was the principal economic shock in the past six months.
 10,000 Nigerians have fled violence in northeast Nigeria since the State of Emergency, 80 per cent to Cameroon.
 USD$8 billion pledged to the Sahel following a joint visit by the heads of the UN, World Bank, African Union, and the African Development Bank.


In this issue
Mali Update: 50.000 IDPs Return since July P.1
Increased Food Insecurity in CAR and Guinea Bissau P.2
Nigeria: Displacement Impacts Neighbours P.4
Update on Resilience in the Sahel P.5
New Humanitarian Appeals Process in the Sahel P.5
Funding Status Overview P.6

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
20 Nov 2013
Document type: 
Humanitarian Bulletin
Central African Republic
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Bureau Régional pour l'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre