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Quick Assessment: Ngala IDP Camp

Ngala IDP Camp/settlement

Location: the IDP settlement is located 5 km away from the Cameroonian border on the GambaruDikwa road in the premises of Ngala International Secondary School. It is in front of the military garrison and former stadium which is now used as helipad (see sat map below).

Date of creation: end of 2015. Population: 65,000 IDPs (14,000 HH) approx.

IDP influx: around 100 HH per week (source: MSF)

Management: Government is officially in charge with the support of the Nigerian Red-Cross.

Security: The compound is closed by a surrounding wall with barbed wire and secured by vigilantes. Army doesn’t enter the camp except on request or specific need, but mobile police patrols around. According to community leaders security is good and they feel safe.

Freedom of movement: IDPs can go in and out of the settlement within curfew hours (6pm to 6am).

Layout: site not planned. No formal zoning but IDPs regroup by place of origin and date of arrival. Some buildings/concrete structures within the site. Some are partly destroyed; some of them are occupied by IDPs and others by agencies on site. All IDPs have been displaced because of the conflict. Some are returnees back from Cameroon and there’s also a small number of Cameroonian refugees.

Quick assessment Methodology

Considering the lack of time (5 hours on site) we opted for direct observation and key informants / focus group methodology.

Key informants:

- Ltd Col Omoke (Nigerian Armed Forces 3rd battalion commander)

- MSF Team (Field Co, Wash Off., Log Off., Medic)

- Nigerian Red-Cross Staff (Field Co)

- IOM Staff (Field Co)

- Camp “Chairman”: Mr. Atif GONI

Focus Group (facilitated by MSF) with 20 community leaders (Bulamas).

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13 Dec 2016
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Assessment Report
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
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Borno State
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