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Shelter & DMS/CCCM sector, HRP 2017 Monthly Fact Sheet & Dashboard, February 2017


There is continuous influx of IDPs to existing camps and to Local Government Areas accessible towns such as Mafa, Bama, Maiduguri MC, Konduga, Ngala, Gamboru Ngala, Banki, Chibok and Damboa. Sudden movements of populations are linked to better access, allowing people to flee locations previously under Boko Haram control or due to attacks. After several years of displacement, IDPs in existing camps require support to maintain their shelters and for NFI. Urgent drainage work is needed in several camps ahead of the rainy season, in order to mitigate the risks of flooding, in particular in the LGAs of Borno where the shelter interventions are now being up-scaled.

Limited funding received in 2016 is being stretched to 2017 due to the low amount of resources allocated in this year. The lack of contingency stocks prepositioned in various LGAs has critically hampered the immediate response in Mafa, Bama, Chibok, Pulka and other locations, indicating an urgent need for the prepositioning of NFI stocks across the country.

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Christian Relief Services
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International Rescue Committee
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International Organization for Migration
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Première Urgence Internationale
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23 Mar 2017
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Fact Sheet
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
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National Coordination
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