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North East Nigeria: Education Sector Year in Review, 2016

The Education Sector Year in Review Factsheet provides an overview of Key Sector Figues, objectives, indicators and targets, sector funding in 2016 and a summary of the response and achievements for the year.


Northeast Nigeria faced an emergency rooted in opposition to education, in which over 3 million conflict-affected children were deprived of education or had no access to education. Up to 645 teachers were murdered (Nigerian Union of Teachers, Oct 2015); 19,000 displaced and 1,200 schools damaged and destroyed (SUBEB, Adamawa, Borno, Yobe). An entire generation stood a high risk of losing their right to education which would not only have dire consequences upon individual lives but also severe impact upon the wider society

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United Nations Children's Fund
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06 Apr 2017
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Fact Sheet
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Borno State
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