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Standard Operating Procedures for Response to Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Operations Adamawa State - Nigeria, Revision February 2016

1. Introduction

The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is developed to facilitate joint referral pathway for women, men, boys and girls at risk in the humanitarian operation, including Reception Centers, camps and host communities where the IDPs live. Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a life threatening protection, health, and human rights issue that can have devastating impact on women and children in particular, as well as families and communities. Standard Operating Procedures are developed to facilitate joint action by all actors to respond to GBV in a humanitarian crisis setting. It describes clear procedures, roles, and responsibilities for all actors. Furthermore all organizations listed above agree to the same procedures, guiding principles and working together for the best interest of women, men, boys and girls in the humanitarian setting in Adamawa state. These SOPs, initially elaborated in November 2015, are updated and expanded to reflect more comprehensive prevention and response interventions. The members agreed to review the SOPs bi-annually

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United Nations Population Fund
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24 Nov 2016
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Standard Operating Procedures
Sexual and Gender based Violence
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