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Alert received from OCHA on influx of new arrivals from surrounding villages of Nganzai LGA to Gasarwa 4th Oct. 2017 Subsequent exchanges through RRM Working Group and sectors. NRC initial assessment report, 7th October 2017. Duration of the assessment – one day


The purpose of the assessment was to find out about the major predicaments affecting the Gasarwa community and the newly displacements. From the interaction with the community members, discussion with the local authority (the bulamas), key informants and observation, information was gathered. The tools used for the assessment are key informant interviews (KII), 2 focus group discussions (FGDs) with women and community leaders and structured direct observation (DO). The tools used are adjusted to the context and designed to triangulate information collected. Methodology design tries to capture maximum extend of information from multiple sources and taking into account views and needs of various groups in the population in shortest possible timeframe that the team had on ground. The assessment team members were trained on the methodology received pre-departure security brief and de-brief upon return and the team members speak local languages.

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06 Oct 2017
Report completed
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Norwegian Refugee Council