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Niger : Flash Update - Massive displacement of people in Diffa region

The Diffa region is currently affected by a rapidly deteriorating security situation following the activities of non-state armed groups in the Chad Lake Basin. 
21 attacks against civilians and military forces were recorded in the region in March 2019, with a record 12 kidnappings and 88 civilian deaths.
A movement of 18,480 people towards the urban center of Diffa and some large villages was provoked by the last attacks of these groups against the villages of N'gagam, Elhaj Mainari, Boula Kiassa of the commune of Gueskérou, and the villages of Dourou and Koublé of the commune of Chetimari. According to data published by the Regional Directorate of Civil Status, Refugees and Migration in July 2018, 249,813 displaced people were already hosted in the region, including 118,868 refugees, 25,731 returned, 104,288 IDPs

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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04 Apr 2019
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