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The Nepal Earthuquake Assessment Unit is no longer activated. For previous assessments and analysis product please refer to the information on this site.

Assessment Unit Products Registry

Assessment Unit Explanatory Note

Interactive Assessment Tools

Assessment Registry (as of 21 Oct 2015)

An interactive portal containing all uploaded assessments covering humanitarian needs. You can filter interactively by district and sector to identify assessments of interest.

Online Media Digest (as of 21 Oct 2015)

An media digest containing reported real time developments on recent earthquake related developments in Nepal. Sign up to follow for free.

Information Review (as of 28 Aug 2015)

The Humanitarian Information Review and Analysis displays the number of reports or observations. Each report is tagged according to severity, geographic location and sector. Please note that the last update was on 28 Aug 2015, the portal will no longer be updated. 

Coordinated Assessments

Food Security, Livelihoods and Early Recovery Joint Assessment (On-going)

A collaborative joint assessment by Food Security and Early Recovery clusters and their partners that serves to inform key elements of the recovery/ reconstruction/ development phase in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

Sindhupalchok Coordinated Assessment

A multi-cluster assessment covering 64 out of 79 VDCs between the 11 May and 24 May.

Gorkha Coordinated Assessment

A multi-cluster assessment covering 7 hard-to-reach northern VDCs between 1 June and 8 June.

Interactive Maps

An online map platform visualising key indicators of the above coordinated assessments.


The last AWG was on 30 Septemper. For previous AWG meeting minutes please refer to the following link.

Previous AWG Minutes