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Who's doing What, Where and When (4W)

Knowing Who is doing What, Where and When (4W) is a critical element to help coordination of relief efforts during any humanitarian crisis. Such information can help to alliviate duplications, identify possible gaps, better inform decision makers, and allow everyone to ask better questions.  Late last night, the humanitarian clusters consolidated their respective data and kindly submitted everything to OCHA.  With that data, OCHA then created an 18 page inter-cluster 4W (see below for the first page).  MapAction is busy at work creating one map per cluster per district which can help with understanding operational presence and on-the-ground coordination.



Below are other interesting products that have been added to the Nepal site in the past 24 hours that we thought you might find interesting.

Assessment Coverage Map by Sector


Humanitarian Snapshot (4-May)


By the Numbers (04-May)


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