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Myanmar Humanitarian Response Plan 2017

The United Nations and its partners have jointly developed this Humanitarian Response Plan, in consultation with the Government, to guide and inform their activities in the country over the next year. The number of people targeted for assistance in this plan is 525,000, down from just over a million people in 2016. The overall funding requested for the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan is US$150 million, down from US$190 million in 2016. This reflects the end of the humanitarian response to the 2015 floods, as well as efficiencies resulting from new modes of delivery in some cases and stronger links with ongoing development work.

In keeping with outcomes of this year’s World Humanitarian Summit, the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan lays out a framework for implementing the UN Secretary-General’s ‘Agenda for Humanity’ in Myanmar. It is part of a broader engagement by the United Nations and its partners to ensure that all people affected by conflict, violence, insecurity and/or natural disasters have access to the protection and assistance they need, with a particular focus on vulnerable people including women and children, the sick, the elderly and people with disabilities.


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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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05 Dec 2016
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Strategic Response Plan
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