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Tropical Cyclone IDAI: Analysis of the wind, rainfall and storm surge impact - 9 April 2019

In the aftermath of the IDAI Tropical Cyclone, which devastated large portion of the Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in the period 14 March to 19 March 2019, UN OCHA established the Assessment & Analysis (A&A) Cell, providing input to needs-based analysis outputs of the Emergency Operations Cell (EOC) that for this case was set-up in Beira, Mozambique.

In this context, the A&A is currently collecting data in the field to compare this with secondary data, expert judgement, and results from the first assessments. The first reports in this second phase will be district profiles where they want to include a map showing assessment coverage overlaid with impact from the tropical cyclone.

The A&A therefore requested the support of JRC in providing the best possible map and data showing the wind speed on land from the tropical cyclone. This small document, connected with the dedicated shape files, illustrates the way the files have been produced from the ancillary data.
In particular, the following data sets are provided:

1) Wind
a. GDACS buffers
b. NOAA Satellite data analysis
c. NOAA HWRF forecasts
2) Rain
a. Global Precipitation Measurements (GPM)
3) Storm Surge
a. Maximum water level from JRC analysis using HWRF data

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European Commission - Joint Research Centre
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09 Apr 2019
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Analysis Report
Tropical Cyclone Idai - Mar 2019