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Position Paper 2 - Disability Working Group

This positioning document has as a main objective to advocate for the inclusion of disability in this context of emergency resulting from the pandemic of Covid-19 and to ensure that the education system is accessible to girls, boys, women and men with disabilities.

 The DWG congratulates the government on its effort to maintain the continued interaction between the students and the schools. The adaptation methods implemented ensured access to teaching from home in this period of the pandemic, where physical distancing is the watchword.

 In this new normal forcibly established by the Covid-19 pandemic, in which educational institutions seek to create the conditions to adapt to this new reality, the DWG advocates for the rights of Persons with Disabilities, fear that these changes to be implemented and that have already been implemented in the various educational institutions will continue not to be accessible to people with disabilities.

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25 Nov 2020
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Communication Materials
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