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Mozambique Guidelines for Household Level Sanitation

The Sanitation Guidelines for Emergency Household Level Sanitation is based on a principal framework that will clarify WASH sanitation household level priorities. This guidance was developed in consultation with WASH Cluster partners through technical working group meetings and approved through cluster partner consultations. It is intended to help address the complexity of the transition between acute emergency and post-emergency, improving mutual support across partners, and connecting and synchronizing actions across national institutions and key WASH actors.

In addition, WASH cluster partners will aim toward eliminating the practice of open defecation and supporting the adoption of improved sanitation infrastructure. This strategy proposed is therefore aligned to the existing national policy and the rural sanitation strategy whereby the focus is on supporting communities with behavioral change and demand creation, while at the same time subsidizing the most vulnerable. This intervention should build onto the developing context of strengthening markets with contextualized sanitation products.

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WASH Sector - Mozambique
Original Publication Date: 
24 Oct 2019
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Policy and Guidance
Field coordination
Tropical Cyclone Kenneth - Apr 2019
Tropical Cyclone Idai - Mar 2019