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Flash Appeal: Emergency Response Plan For Mozambique - Cyclone Dineo

The Mozambique Flash Appeal calls for $10.2 million to provide urgent, life-saving assistance for 150.000 people in the next three months.

1. An overview of crisis

Cyclone Dineo made landfall on the coast of Inhambane province, south of Mozambique the night of Wednesday February 15th 2017 accompanied by winds of 160 kilometers per hour. It finally dissipated over South Africa and Zimbabwe on Friday February 17th.

Acoording to the provincial authorities of Inhambane, the cyclone affected about 550,691 people (112,513 families) which 7,651 families were considered most vulnerable. At least 33,712 houses were totally and 71,294 partially destroyed being Massinga, Morrumbene, Maxixe and Inhambane city the most affected districts. In terms of infrastructure, 389 Government offices, 70 health units including 52 maternities as well as 1,687 classrooms were partially destroyed. The Education authorities estimated 160,000 students and 5,500 teachers were affected. Maternal and ARVT services were disrupted, so increase in SRH-related morbility and mortality might be expected. In the affected area about 14,000 women are expecting to give birth in next three months while approximately 2,100 of them may face risk of obstetric complications requiring emergency obstetric care. It is also estimated that 9-15% of all newborns may require lifesaving emergency care.

Furthermore, there was downfall of 899 power poles leaving 8 districts without electricity for at least five days affecting the water supply in Maxixe and Inhambane city.

The authorities reported a death toll of 7 and 101 people injured. During the cyclone about 949 people were hosted in three transit centers in Maxixe city. As of 19 February 2017, with the improvement of the weather people returned to their houses and transit centers were closed.

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28 Feb 2017
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