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Southern Africa: Floods and Cyclones Update, 06 February 2015

A new low pressure system has formed in the Mozambique Channel. It is currently forecasted to strengthen to a moderate to strong tropical storm over the next two days as it moves in a southerly direction, coming within 150 km of the south-west coast of Madagascar. It is not expected to make landfall, but could bring heavy rains.

A main concern is the Fiherenena dyke protecting Toliara City, which was not fully repaired after it was damaged by Tropical Cyclone Haruna in 2013 (which killed 26 people and displaced 20,000).

A joint response team will deploy to Toliara today to support any required response coordination, including search and rescue operations and assessments. There are pre-positioned relief supplies available in Toliara, specifically food (for 15,150 people), temporary shelter (for 725 households) and kits to create child-friendly spaces for children in displacement sites (for 1,000 children).

Normal to above-normal rainfall is predicted for the northern, eastern and central parts of the region for the remainder of the rainfall season (February to April 2015), including over the countries currently experiencing significant flooding (Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique). Significantly drier-than-normal conditions occurred over the western and southern parts of the region, and this trend is expected to continue with normal to below-normal rains predicted for most of Namibia, south-west Angola and Botswana, and the western half of South Africa.

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06 Feb 2015
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Southern Africa: Floods - Jan 2015