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Malawi: Flood Situation Update, Update No. 1 (as of 12 February 2018)

Since 7th February, 2018, heavy rains have been received in most districts across the country causing floods in Salima, Karonga and Phalombe districts. A total of 894 households (approximately 2,200 people) have been affected in the districts while 102 households (approximately 560 people) have been displaced. Assessments and verification exercises carried out showed that the main needs are food assistance and shelter, especially for those displaced. While DoDMA has managed to trigger the response in terms of food and non-food items (mostly shelter), there are still gaps. The assessed gaps include sanitary pads for girls and items for lactating and pregnant women, Chorine (HtH) for water treatment and water storage buckets and sanitary facilities.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Government of Malawi - Department of Disaster Management Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
13 Feb 2018
Document type: 
Natural Disasters