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2016 - 2017 Humanitarian Strategic Response Plan - Madagascar, Grand Sud


Goals and Strategic Objectives

Goal 1: Save lives
Strategic objective1. Avoid loss of human lives, especially among children under five and pregnant and lactating women in zones classified as being in "Emergency" (IPC 4) and "Crisis" (IPC3) under the Integrated Phase Classification (IPC).
Strategic objective 2. Improve food security and restore livelihoods of the most vulnerable households in zones classified as in "Emergency" (IPC 4) and "Crisis" (IPC 3).

Goal 2: Prevent deterioration of the humanitarian situation
Strategic objective 3. Provide key health services, including maternal healthcare, to the most vulnerable households and ensure monitoring of diseases requiring medical care in the Grand Sud.
Strategic objective 4. Ensure continuity of social services that will prevent the occurrence of negative coping mechanisms from the population in "Emergency" (IPC 4) and in "Crisis" (IPC 3).

Goal 3: Develop a crisis exit strategy concurrently with the humanitarian response
Strategic objective 5. Implement jointly with development actors a crisis exit strategy as part of the early recovery process and community resilience-building.


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Government of Madagascar
Humanitarian Country Team
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09 Jan 2017
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Strategic Response Plan
Inter-Cluster Coordination