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E-Cards Points of Sale Monitoring in Benghazi


The liquidity crisis and weaknesses of the banking sector in Libya have created limitations to conventional methods of cash assistance to
vulnerable households, including direct bank transfer. Beneficiaries often cannot access their installments in a timely or efficient manner due to
withdrawal limits (below 1000 LYD per month for the majority of households), long wait times, or lack of hard currency available at banks. In
light of these difficulties, the Cash and Market Working Group (CMWG) has been collecting information on alternative cash delivery
mechanisms in terms of time-cost efficiency, risks, appropriateness, and feasibility, notably via the Cash Delivery Mechanism Assessment
conducted by Mercy Corps, ACTED, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).


ACTED obtained the below information based on secondary analysis of the PoS registry provided directly by Tadawul, Idfali, and Mobicash and
through the assessment of the prices and availability of six food items (flour, rice, oil, tomato paste, onion, chicken) at 42 randomly selected
PoS between January 8th and 14th 2018 (17 for Tadawul, 17 for Idfali, and 8 for Mobicash). Prices were then compared to price data
collected in January by the REACH and CMWG-led Libya Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI) on the selected food items in Benghazi.
This was complimented by a brief survey with PoS shop owners on their pricing and fee policies for purchases made with Tadawal, Idfali and
Mobicash. Findings are only intended to serve as an indication of potential limitations and advantages associated with the use of the three epayment
options in Benghazi, and by extension, inform the cash-based response.

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Charlie Rapoport
Assessment Date(s): 
08 Jan 2018 to 14 Jan 2018
Report completed
Population Type(s): 
All affected population
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)
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Cash Transfer Programming
Market Assessment