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Lesotho: Vulnerability Assessment Committee Results 2017


Normal to above normal rainfall was received across the country in August to December 2016. Water levels of rivers, springs and reservoirs improved significantly, but remained lower than normal.

Staple prices increased by more than 200% compared to the reference year (current year maize price of 1 kg maize meal M12.00 compared to M3.00 in the reference year). National crop production estimates show an increase compared to the reference year: Maize 42% , Sorghum 48% while wheat production for the current year has decreased by more than 50%. The current year recorded the highest cereal production for the past 10 years.

An IPC analysis was undertaken in both rural and urban areas. For the current period (July-Sep 2017), Leribe and Butha-Buthe Districts are in Phase 1, while other districts are in Phase 2. For the projected period (Oct 2017-March 2018), Butha-Buthe and Leribe are in Phase 1, Mohale’s Hoek in Phase 3, while the other districts are in Phase 2.

The food insecure population decreased from 46% in 2016 to 39% in 2017. Emergency humanitarian assistance is required for 224 ,664 (15%) of the rural population and 82,278 (15.3%) of the urban population.Total requirements are estimated at 9,486 MT or M113,827(X1000).

Increasing rates of malnutrition, especially wasting above 5% was reported in some districts. The need for a more detailed survey (SMART) was recommended.

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02 Oct 2017
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