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Emergency Appeal Guatemala: Volcanic Eruption- Appeal n° MDRGT013

This Emergency Appeal seeks a total of 2,036,967 Swiss francs to enable the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support the Guatemalan Red Cross (GRC) to deliver humanitarian assistance to 6,000 people for 12 months, with a strong focus on health, livelihoods, disaster risk reduction and institutional capacity development. The planned response reflects the current situation and information available at this time of the evolving operation, and will be adjusted based on further developments and more detailed assessments. An EPoA is being prepared based on ongoing assessments and will be issued as soon as it is available. 

Overall Operational objective:

The overall objective of this operation is to ensure appropriate humanitarian assistance at least to 6,000 people (1,000 families) affected by the volcanic eruption in a timely, effective, and efficient manner, and that they are provided with the necessary support to recover with increased disaster resilience; furthermore, this operation will ensure that all affected women, men, children, persons with disabilities and minority groups are reached. Based on the current information, the operational strategy is to contribute to the response during the emergency and recovery phases focusing on: 1. Supporting the GRC’s livelihoods response during the emergency and recovery phases through the performance of continuous and detailed assessments and analyses to inform the operation’s design and ongoing implementation. Target: 500 families (3,000 people) 2. Conducting volcano hazard awareness messaging and implementation of health and PSS components for the Guatemalan population and the development of a communication strategy for the different targets groups. Target: 1,000 families (6,000 people) 3. Disaster Risk Reduction during the emergency phase is a key element for the recovery, considering the Fuego Volcano’s ongoing risk of eruption. Target: 500 families (3,000 people) 4. National Society Capacity Development (NSD): Ensure that the GRC has the capacity to manage adequately challenges. It is important to continue to support ongoing National Society Development (NSD) efforts by strengthening the GRC’s structures and systems of to ensure it has effective and improved service delivery capacity; the continued emphasis on NSD will improve the GRC’s’ long-term capacity to respond and prepare for emergencies and provide sustained support to vulnerable populations. This operation may be further adjusted and potentially include other sectors such as water, sanitation and hygiene promotion or shelter, based on need as well as the ongoing coordination with other actors on the ground, once further information is available. 

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
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11 Jun 2018
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Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (ROLAC)
Guatemala: Fuego Volcano - Jun 2018