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Kenya Comprehensive Refugee Programme (KCRP) | 2015

This report is a comprehensive overview of  activities and interventions in key sectors for and on behalf of the refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya. The KCRP document presents a consolidated view of all refugee related programmes implemented in Kenya delivered by all actors including UNHCR, Non-Governmental Organizations , and United Nations Agencies and government entities in 2015. It contains projects and activities of more than forty-five organizations operating between Nairobi, Kakuma and Dadaab.
It should be read in conjunction with the UNHCR Global appeal for 2015, the South Sudan Situation Supplementary Appeal (2014-15) and the South Sudan Regional Refugee Response Plan – 2015 as well as other relevant documents and appeals for 2015 issued by organisations involved in protection and assistance to refugees.
The KCRP is an expression of the commitment of UNHCR and partners to continue improving coordination and joint prioritisation of interventions to ensure complimentary programming and efficient use of resources.
For any additional information do not hesitate to contact the Senior Programme Officer, Ms. Ivana Unluova ( or myself.
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25 Mar 2015
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Annual Report