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Kisumu Kira Assesment Report - Flooding In Kisumu East, Nyando, Nyakach, Nyatike, Muhoroni And Rachuonyo


This multsectoral Initial Rapid Assessment was undertaken to:
1. Establish the extent of damage of the floods incidences recorded in the region and the humanitarian needs/relief per sector for the affected population
2. Review the application and effectiveness of the contingency plans earlier set by the various districts with regard to the floods and come up with recommendations geared towards addressing the gaps identified therein.
3. Identify appropriate intervention areas to inform the programming of the rehabilitation and recovery phase sectorwise.


• Collection and analysis of secondary data from stakeholders: communities, provincial administration, MOH facilities and MoPHS/disease surveillance offices, Ministry of Agric. Fisheries, DDO, Min of Education and other partners.
• Sampling: Purposive ’sampling was done to identify sites affected by floods as well as identifying participants for the Key informants interviews and FGDs.
• Fields visits for Primary Data Collection using KIRA tool, Transect walk observation across the affected areas, Interviews with community members, opinion leaders and GOK officers at level 1 health intervention and photography.
• Multi-agency, multi sectoral joint consolidation, analysis and verification of primary data conducted during the KIRA mission.

Key findings: 
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Assessment Date(s): 
06 Apr 2013 to 08 Apr 2013
Report completed
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Structured Interview
Key Informant Interview
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United Nations Children's Fund
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Inter-Cluster Coordination
Kenya Inter-agency Rapid Assessment