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Triage guidance for health cluster partners - working document

The WHO/ICRC Technical Meeting for Global Consensus on Triage Meeting Report is a compilation of the most recent works on triage criteria, systems and practices. this post also includes prehospital triage criteria in a chart (please note that is a working document and therefore not a final stamped document)


This meeting was co-convened by WHO and the International Committee of the Red Cross. The primary objectives of the meeting included: 1) discussion of the current science of triage, including pre-hospital and facility-based triage during both routine operations and extraordinary/surge situations, 2) a review of existing triage tools, and 3) development of a consensus-based triage framework for both routine operations and surge situations. Following several plenary sessions on the current state of triage science, the group split into workgroups addressing prehospital triage, field and facility-based triage during surge, and routine facility-based triage. Each group developed context-specific classification criteria and associated actions by triage tier. The plenary group then reconvened to review the candidate classifications and develop consensus for each scenario. The primary output of the meeting was a set of candidate tools that provide a framework for triage in prehospital and facility settings, during both routine and surge situations. Going forward, the tools will be reviewed and ratified via regional and international consultations. A triage manual will be developed to support administrators and system planners to strengthen and improve the quality of emergency care delivery via implementation of standardized triage.

Prehospital triage criteria

World Health Organization
Original Publication Date: 
12 Jan 2018
Document type: 
Workshop Report
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