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Iraq Health Cluster

Health Clusters exist to relieve suffering and save lives in humanitarian emergencies, while advancing the well-being and dignity of affected populations. Currently 23 countries have an active Health Cluster. These Health Clusters are working to meet the health needs of approximately 69.7 million people worldwide.

Cluster Mission

The Health Cluster collectively prepares for and responds to humanitarian and public health emergencies to improve the health outcomes of affected populations through timely, predictable, appropriate and effective coordinated health action.

Cluster Vision

To save lives and promote dignity in humanitarian and public health emergencies.

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Dr. Fawad Khan
World Health Organization
Health Cluster Coordinator 
 +964 (0) 751 010 1452

Dr. Kamal S. Olleri  
International Medical Corps
Health Cluster Co-Coordinator
 +964 (0) 751 740 6181

Abdulrahman Raheem
World Health Organization
National Health Coordinator
 +946 (0) 751 010 1468

Ammar Sabah
World Health Organization (WHO)
Health Cluster IMO
 +964 (0)7510101481
Najwa Rizkallah MSc. PhD
Nutrition working group
Ahmed Malah 
Reproductive health WG
 +964 (0)7809146528