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Mosul Neighborhood Snapshot: Al Sedeeq - March 9th, 2017

This report was written by ACTED’s AME Unit to provide a snapshot of humanitarian needs and conditions in neighborhoods around Mosul. Data was collected via Key Informant and Observational tools by PIN on Feb 23rd . 


 Food was noted as the key need for the community with food security being hindered by a lack of sufficient access to staple foods in addition to low/poor purchasing power.

 Informants note that access to electricity is one of the key priorities, with the current electrical network destroyed.

 High unemployment levels coupled with a lack of access to cash means that residents are unable to purchase much needed items e.g. NFIs, medical supplies, water etc.

 Informants report that some assistance is being received by the Ministry of Migration and Displacement in the form of food. However this is not sufficient in meeting the needs of the community. 

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Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)
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17 Mar 2017
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Assessment Report
Al Mosul
Iraq: Mosul Crisis 2016-2017