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Mosul Neighborhood Snapshot: Al Elam - March 17th, 2017

This report was written by ACTED’s AME Unit to provide a snapshot of humanitarian needs and conditions in neighborhoods around Mosul. Data was collected via Key Informant and Observational tools by PIN on Feb 20th 


 WASH needs are deemed the top priority need by most informants, a reflection of the lack of access to clean drinking water for the neighborhood’s residents.

 While markets and shops are functional, due to a lack of cash in households, very high unemployment, and a lack of available jobs, purchasing power is low/poor and food is listed as a top priority need of residents along with cash and jobs.

 Informants note that access to electricity is one of the top priorities, with the current electrical network destroyed.

 Informants report that some food and NFI assistance are being provided by the MoDM, a Kuwaiti Organization, UNICEF, WFP and unspecified national NGOs. However, these services are only covering a few of the needs of about a quarter of the residents. 

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Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)
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17 Mar 2017
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Assessment Report
Al Mosul
Iraq: Mosul Crisis 2016-2017