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Mosul Neighborhood Snapshot: AL TAHRIR

To provide a snapshot of humanitarian needs and conditions in neighborhoods around Mosul.
Data was collected via Key Informant and Observational tools
Key findings: 
Key highlights: 1.Access to clean drinking water is the top priority need. Al-Tahrir residents are currently drinking water from unprotected boreholes or relying on water trucking. 2. Livelihoods, Cash and job opportunities are identified as a top priority need for this neighborhood. 3. Markets are functioning and food, water, NFIs and other goods are present in the market. However, a lack of cash and lack of income make these goods unavailable to most. 4.Residents report limited NGO assistance in the form of in-kind food distribution at the present time.
Assessment Report: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Questionnaire: 
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Assessment Data: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Date(s): 
09 Feb 2017 to 16 Feb 2017
Report completed
Population Type(s): 
All affected population
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development
Participating Organization(s): 
Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development
Al Mosul
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Iraq: Mosul Crisis 2016-2017