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Indonesia: Emergency Response on West Kalimantan Floods - 07–08 November 2021 - SITREP #3


  1. The latest conditions from BPBD Kab. Sintang stated that the water level in Sintang City was 10 cm since the week of November 7, 2021, while in Melawi Regency it was reported that the water had receded.
  2. The Sintang Regent's Daily Executive extended the emergency response status for floods, high wind and landslides in Sintang Regency until November 16, 2021. This is stated in the Sintang Regent's Decree Number: 360/1171/KEP-BPBD/2021. This decision is valid for 30 days from October 19, 2021.
  3. BMKG has set an alert status for heavy rain which is valid for 24 hours from 8 November 2021 at 07:00 WIB for West Kalimantan Province.
  4. The flow of mobilization is hampered because the access road from Sintang Regency to Putussibau can only be passed by large vehicles due to the high water flow.
  5. The current conditions for displaced residents are varied. Currently affected residents have left their homes and taken refuge in relatives' places or established independent shelters in private gardens that were not affected by flooding.
  6. Deployment of 2 rubber boats in the field to help with flood management


  1. Caritas Indonesia-KWI supports Diocesan Caritas of Sintang Emergency Response Fund in the form of food and personal hygiene assistance for 750 families worth Rp. 100,000,000
  2. Diocesan Caritas of Sintang collects incoming logistical aid items and seeks transportation modes (land and water vehicles) sourced from the National Army (TNI), parishioners and parishes to mobilize relief items with parish volunteers, Catholic Families, and the Congregation.
  3. From 5 November to 9 November 2021 Diocesan Caritas of Sintang has distributed 1,182 packages of 1,300 food packages for affected families in 9 villages.
  4. Logistics distribution posts, and support posts for affected parishes in Sintang District, Sungai Tebelian District, Binjai District, Tempunak District, and Kayan Hilir District.


The urgent needs in Sintang Regency and Melawi Regency that are urgently needed by affected residents are clean water supplies, sleeping equipment, food ingredients (rice, cooking oil, sardines, instant noodles, shallots/white onions, salt), cooking fuel, toiletries, emergency light.


              Coordinate with Caritas Indonesia's ER-DRR unit regarding the distribution system and updating the latest                        information in the field.

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08 Nov 2021
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Situation Report
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