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Indonesia: Emergency Response on Central Kalimantan Floods - 22–23 September 2021

An update from the Emergency Response of Central Kalimantan Floods through Sitrep #03.


  1. As the time gradually receded, the volume of water rose again, and it's not only in Katingan Regency but also in Pulang Pisau Regency.
  2. Head of Central Kalimantan BPBPK, Erlin Hardi, stated that Pulang Pisau Regency is in an Emergency Alert status, with a total of 3 affected districts.
  3. Some puddles of water in the Katingan Regency are still found at several points, such as in 5 villages in Kamipang District.
  4. The total affected communities were 84 HHs or 281 people.

Caritas Response

  1. Caritas Diocese of Palangka Raya keeps collaborating with Caritas Diocese of Banjarmasin to distribute the emergency response assistance to affected communities in Katingan Regency through the Kasongan Parish.
  2. Caritas Palangka Raya distributes necessities in the Hanua area, Banama District, Pulang Pisau Regency, which is affected by the overflowing Kahayan River.
  3. From the coordination with the Village Heads of Ramang and Hanua, it was found that there were 434 affected HHs.
  4. The "Bukit Rawi" road to the Hanua area cannot be accessed due to flooding, but the Village Heads of Ramang and Hanua assisted the Caritas team by providing Klotok (motorized boat) for the aid distribution process.

Urgent Needs

The most needed by the affected communities in the Regencies of Katingan and Pulang Pisau are food, temporary shelter, bedding, and blankets.


To coordinate for shifting the disaster response from Katingan Regency to Pulang Pisau Regency, and to coordinate with Caritas Indonesia's ER-DRR unit, for updating any information from the field.

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24 Sep 2021
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Situation Report
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