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Indonesia: Caritas Indonesia Newsletter - Issue 10-12, April - June 2022 - 21 06 2022 [EN]

We would like to share our monthly Newsletter "Belarasa Kita". Belarasa Kita is a medium for disseminating information regarding programs implemented by Caritas Indonesia - KARINA in collaboration with the Caritas Diocese network as well as with other related institutions. The mandate of Facilitation, Coordination, and Animation is always carried out

In this 3 editions, we present our work with communities in collaboration with commision, partners, and dioceses 

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Contact us:
Phone: (+62) 811 9951 258

or mail to:
Caritas Indonesia (KARINA-KWI)
Jl. Matraman 31
Kelurahan Kebon Manggis,
Kecamatan Matraman,
Jakarta Timur - 13150

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Caritas Indonesia
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21 Jun 2022
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