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Indonesia: Caritas Indonesia Newsletter - Issue 09, March 2022 - 04 03 2022 [EN]

We would like to share our monthly Newsletter "Belarasa Kita". Belarasa Kita is a medium for disseminating information regarding programs implemented by Caritas Indonesia - KARINA in collaboration with the Caritas Diocese network as well as with other related institutions. The mandate of Facilitation, Coordination, and Animation is always carried out

In this edition, we present: 

  1. the Food Security Assistance Program during the Covid-19 Pandemic, 
  2. the progress of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program conducted by Caritas Diocese of Atambua in response to Seroja Cyclone impacts, and 
  3. The continuation of Food Security Program in Caritas Diocese of Ruteng.

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04 Mar 2022
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