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Education Cluster in Indonesia

Areas of Work

Several areas of work have been identified to support the effective functioning of the Education Cluster.Each year, the Core Group will develop a work plan that in general covers the following six areas of work:

1. Coordination

- Ensure effective coordination with all humanitarian agencies through the cluster coordination mechanism at the national and sub-national level.

- Encourage the participation of humanitarian agencies working in the education sector,with respect for their respective mandates in planning program priorities to support the Government of Indonesia's efforts in delivering quality education in emergencies.

- Obtain commitment from humanitarian agencies in responding to needs and filling the gaps and ensure a clear division of roles.

- Ensure that the coordination mechanism is adjusted from time to time based on the capacity of local resources, and encourage the community's active participation in needs assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation

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Global Education Cluster
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14 Apr 2014
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Communication Materials