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Haiti: Cholera figures (31 December 2016) [EN/FR]

Even though there was a spike in the number of suspected cholera cases in the departments of Sud and Grand Anse in the two months following Hurricane Matthew, the number suspected of cases of cholera reduced substantially in both departments in the month of December. The improvements in the quality of treatment centers, the increase in the number of rapid response teams and the vaccination campaign in South and Grand’ Anse contributed to the control of the disease in December. However, maintaining these positive trends in 2017 will depend on availability of funds for the provision of preventive and rapid response activities. It is important to highlight that the year ends with a total of 41,421 suspected cases, which represents an increase of 31% in comparison with 2015 (36,045 suspected cases).

Government of Haiti
Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organziation
United Nations Children's Fund
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31 Dec 2016
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Humanitarian Update
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