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HAITI: 2018 Earthquake - Situation Report No.3, 9 October 2018

This report is produced by OCHA in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It is issued by OCHA Haiti and covers the period from 7 October to 9 October 2018 (9 A.M).

Main Points:

  • An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred 20km north of Port-de-Paix (North-West department) Saturday, October 6, at 8:10pm local time (New York time). This was followed by two aftershocks Sunday of magnitude 5.2 was located 10 kilometers deep and 16 kilometers north-northwest of Port-de-Paix and Monday at around 4 p.m. The second, of magnitude 4.2 located at 10 kilometers deep and 32 kilometers north-northwest of Port-de-Paix.
  • According to the last SitRep from the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) (October 8, 1 P.M), the seism resulted in the death of 17 people - 9 in Port-de-Paix (North-West department), 1 in Saint Louis du Nord (North-West department) and 7 in Gros Morne (Artibonite department) – and 427 persons wounded. Most of the persons seriously wounded were cared for in local health infrastructure while seriously wounded was evacuated. Search and rescue operations ended on Monday October 8 and there was no reported case of missing persons or displacement thus ending the emergency phase of the disaster. Further actions are required to calm and reassure the population about the current situation, access remote communities, and strengthen the legal framework through enacting the DPC law in parliament. The only request thus far is for communication equipment and vehicles (potentially to access remote affected communities and undertake a more throughout assessment).
  • According to initial estimates by the DPC, 7,783 households are affected by the partial or total destruction of their homes and requires support.
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Government of Haiti - Direction de la Protection Civile
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09 Oct 2018
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Situation Report
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Haiti: Earthquake - Oct 2018