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Ethiopia Shelter NFI cluster HRP monitoring Dashboard January 2020

The Shelter/NFI cluster identified 1.95M IDPs, returnees and displacement affected people that are still in need of Shelter/NFI support. For 2020, the cluster is diversifying its shelter responses by building upon positive coping mechanisms and resilience through community engagement and mainstreaming protection and accountability. In January, through 11 partners contingent to the level of damage and living conditions, a range of responses such as full and partial emergency shelter repair kits and distribution of full and partial ESNFI kits was provided to 22,587 HHs across 11 zones and 20 woredas. Out of the Shelter/NFI responses in January, 8% of ESNFI was distributed as cash, 50% as mixed cash and in-Kind assistance while the remaining 42% was in-kind materials.

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International Organization for Migration
International Rescue Committee
Norwegian Refugee Council
Original Publication Date: 
28 Feb 2020
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Humanitarian Dashboard
Coordination hub(s): 
Addis Ababa
Bule Hora
Gambella/ Beneshangul Gumuz