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Ethiopia Market Price Monitoring: Nominal price trend information – October 2016

In addition to the specific market data in the following maps, average nominal price changes from September 2015 to September 2016 are as follows: maize, sorghum and teff have increased by 29%, 34% and 31% respectively, while the average nominal price of aggregated pulses has increased by 13%. In contrast, the price of wheat has fallen 21% since September 2015 the result of food assistance related imports by Government and development partners. Increased average nominal food prices after a serious drought inevitably result in increased food insecurity for poor households that are dependent on food purchases and food aid to meet their daily food needs. It is anticipated that household food security will start to improve for many after the onset of the 2016 main meher harvest.

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United States Agency for International Development
The Agriculture Knowledge, Learning, Documentation and Policy Project (Ethiiopia)
Original Publication Date: 
15 Nov 2016
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Market Assessment
Ethiopia: Drought - 2015-2020