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Ethiopia: Mid-Year Review of the Humanitarian and Disaster Resilience Plan 2018


In the second half of the year, Ethiopia has faced with an unprecedented surge of inter- communal conflict in Gedeo zone (SNNP region) and West Guji zone (Oromia region), which at its height, displaced some 818,000 people.

The Government and Humanitarian partners had to respond to this dramatic increase in displacement, while at the same time, responding to the continuing needs of some 1.1 million people displaced along the Oromia – Somali boundary since September 2017. While the 2018 belg rains were generally favorable, they also led to flooding along river basins in Oromia, Somali and SNNP regions, affecting some 382,000 people; displacing some 172,000 people in Somali region alone. The total number of people targeted for relief food and cash activities has been staying more or less unchanged, despite a generally positive Belg performance. This is due to the increase in conflict induced displaced persons. (Click here to download full report . . .)

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Government of Ethiopia - Disaster Risk Management Food Security Sector
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08 Oct 2018
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Other Response Plans (FLASH)