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Ethiopia 2018 Humanitarian and Disaster Resilience Plan (HDRP) - Mid-Year Review, WASH Extract


Context Some 57 per cent of Ethiopia’s population has access to safe water sources, with coverage higher in urban areas (92 per cent) as compared to rural areas (45 per cent). According to the 2015 Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP), 29 per cent people in Ethiopia practice open defecation and some 43 per cent have access to shared latrine or unimproved latrine.

The 2015/16 El Niño WaSH response focused on facilitating access to water and supporting response to public health risks. As of October 2016, the WaSH Cluster partners have reached to 4.6 million people with emergency water supply, 1.4 million people with the household water treatment chemicals provision and 3.5 million people with sanitation and hygiene promotions.

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Water Sanitation Hygiene Cluster - Ethiopia
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09 Oct 2018
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Other Response Plans (FLASH)