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Satellite Based Damage Assessment Update Report as of 29 April 2016

Preliminary damage assessment was conducted by comparing the post-disaster satellite images with available pre-disaster images. All the completed, current and future mapping activities done by UNITAR-UNOSAT as well as other satellite mapping groups can be viewed through GDACS/SMCS. This report provides a summary of combined satellite based analysis undertaken by UNOSAT and Copernicus from 18th April to 29th April, according to the availability of suitable post disaster satellite imagery. The extent of damage is categorized into three main levels – Destroyed, Severe Damage and Moderate Damage. Please note that the four damage level classes from Copernicus have been aggregated into three, to summarize the results.

United Nations Operational Satellite Applications Programme
Original Publication Date: 
29 Apr 2016
Document type: 
Assessment Report
Ecuador: Earthquake - Apr 2016