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Dominica: Flash Appeal - Hurricane Maria - September to December 2017

On 18 September Hurricane Maria slammed the entire Caribbean island of Dominica at full force. The category five storm unleashed extreme winds of 260 km/h and severe rainfall causing swollen rivers, flash floods and landslides. All of these combined to damage or destroy homes, farms, irrigation infrastructure, roads, crop and livestock production and forest reserves throughout the island. As a result, thousands of families have been left homeless, and communities in areas cut off by the hurricane are expected to face serious hardship in the coming weeks due to lack of water, food supplies and emergency health care. 

Coastal fisheries were also severely impacted. Many health facilities and a significant part of the island’s education infrastructure have come to a standstill. Telecommunications have been disrupted and water services have become unreliable. Waste materials litter farmland, roads and public spaces and pose a risk to human health. Total damages and losses are estimated at US$483 million, equivalent to approximately 90 per cent of Dominica’s 2015 GDP.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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28 Sep 2017
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Other Response Plans (FLASH)
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Hurricane Maria - Sep 2017