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Mission Report - Cluster Working Group on Early Recovery Support Mission DR Congo

1.    Objectives of the mission
2.    Summary
3.    Define Humanitarian Action including Early Recovery, and stabilisation in the context of DR Congo
4.    Integration of an early recovery approach / resilience building approach into the humanitarian response in DR Congo
5.    Financing modi operandi to enhance a more fluid transition between humanitarian action and recovery
6.    Increased coherence between the different strategic pillars : Humanitarian Action Plan (HAP), STAREC-I4S / PRSP
7.    Programme de Stabilisation et de Reconstruction des Zones sortant des Conflits Armés (STAREC)/ International Security and Stabilisation Support Strategy (I4S)
8.    Decision of the Secretary General on Durable Solutions for Displaced people
9.    Cooperation with the national authorities
10.    Integrate community resilience within humanitarian operations
11.    Other recommendations

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25 Nov 2014
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Progress Report
Early Recovery
Food/Nutrition Crisis
Natural Disasters
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