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Republic of Congo: Pool Department Situation Report No. 05 (as of 27 April 2018) [EN/FR]


  • At the time of the launch of the HRP 2018, security constraints prevented access to four of the eight districts affected by the recent conflict in the Department of Pool for the purpose of needs assessment. The anticipated needs of the population blocked in these areas, behind the lines of conflict, were reflected in the Humanitarian Response Plan based on the findings of missions to surrounding accessible areas. In March 2018, inter-agency joint missions proceeded to all four districts (first to Vindza, Kimba, Kindamba, and subsequently to Kibossi and Goma Tsétsé in the district of Goma Tsétsé) to assess the situation.
  • Urgent humanitarian needs were identified in the districts of Vindza, Kimba and Kindamba by the joint UN mission and it was agreed that the humanitarian community should intervene as soon as possible to provide assistance to the affected populations. An aid convoy left Brazzaville to these areas on 11 April to distribute food and essential items to needy populations in all three districts. 4,320 people were reached by this distribution and the convoy returned safely.
  • Following reports by local authorities of high levels of malnutrition in the village of Kibossi, in Goma Tsétsé district, it was agreed to combine a joint assessment mission with a first distribution of food and specialized nutritional products. Kibossi had remained isolated throughout the conflict but had not been occupied or destroyed by the armed groups.
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
01 May 2018
Document type: 
Situation Report