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Republic of Congo: Pool Department Situation Report No. 03 (as of 08 February 2018) [EN/FR]

Situation Overview

The humanitarian situation in the Pool Department of the Republic of Congo took a positive turn at the end of 2017 when a cease-fire agreement was reached between the parties to the conflict.  The population in four of the eight districts of the Pool affected by the conflict remain inaccessible but there have been no reports of fighting since late 2017. The road from Brazzaville to Kinkala, deserted until early January 2018, is now showing signs of life as families return to check their homes, start to clear their land and consider return.  Conditions for return for the majority of the displaced and population living in enclaved areas remain challenging, however.  The key concern remains security as people wait for a clear green light from the authorities that it is safe to go home or to establish basic services or access to the fields.

Meanwhile, the resources needed by IDPs and other affected populations to effectively re-establish themselves after almost two years of absence are considerable.  Reports indicate that most houses have been damaged or destroyed, and the contents looted.  Fields abandoned for two planting seasons are now overgrown.  Health centres and schools have also been damaged and staff have fled along with the local population and local authorities.  Everything needs to be re-built and all concerned will require tools, materials and continuing assistance until they are able to get their lives back on track.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
14 Feb 2018
Document type: 
Situation Report